McKinsey’s Seth Goldstrom on leading transformations in changing workforce dynamics

McKinsey’s Seth Goldstrom on enterprise-wide transformations

As McKinsey senior partner Seth Goldstrom notes, it’s no secret that most business transformations don’t deliver on their promises. In fact, our research reveals that only around 30 percent of transformations meet their targets. In this interview, Seth outlines McKinsey’s approach to enterprise-wide transformations—and how companies can flip the odds …

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McKinsey’s Seth Goldstrom on managing incentives during a transformation

As McKinsey’s Seth Goldstrom notes, “managing incentives in the context of a transformation requires a shift in thinking.” To be successful in today’s volatile business landscape—and minimize employee attrition—companies must fine-tune their mix of financial and nonfinancial incentives. In this interview, Seth outlines ways to develop a mix that turns …

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